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We are honeybutton.

honeybutton. is a high-energy time machine that runs on pure whisky.

honeybutton. is the place between, where the Wild West meets the Western World.

We play Americana music, loosely defined by us (each Americans) as country, blues, and rock in equal parts, like a good Texas margarita. Come listen to a nostalgic mix of original compositions and a few covers that we do not think got enough press on their first "go-round".

We take pride in presenting musical compositions that do something for everybody, no matter where they are. At the first glance, we are the typical Texas blues band, playing in the background as you sip your favorite sub-premium beer. The next thing you know, you may be dancing the two-step. On further examination, you will find unique time signatures and lyrical content that is original and meaningful.

Please come out to see a show sometime, we think you will make it a habit! We are also available for private bookings at 214-641-0352 or email eddie@mc2presents.com

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